• Without The Fear

    Safety by fashion

    When activated your WTF pendant alarms using a loud sound and instantly connects to your smartphone, conveying your position to the contacts you´ve added in the WTF App. Regardless of where you are, or what you do. We want you to be safe.

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Creating the brand

Without The Fear (WTF) is a new way of using personal alarms, the appearance should reflect that. We met with the founder of WTF, Mikela Holtz, in 2013 and started this exiting project. Together we set the foundation the brand and it´s visual appearance. We wanted to create waves in the industry so the brand´s appearance shifted towards jewelry branding, as opposed to the typical “trust-me-blue”. The goal is to conceal your jewelry alarm as a fashion accessory, therefor easy to ware for all occasions.


H O W  I T  W O R K S

The app and the jewelry

1. Activate your WTF

1. Activate your WTF

All WTF editions are equipped with a loud speaker, conveying your position in situations of emergency. To activate, pull the pendant away from the collar. A click will notify you of the activation and WTF sounds it´s alarm.

2. Help from smartphone

2. Help from smartphone

The WTF Premium Edition connects with your WTF iPhone app through power efficient BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Your WTF pendant sends your exact position securely to the contacts you´ve choosen in the app.

3. Instant notification

3. Instant notification

Your chosen contacts are contacted by e-mail or text message containing a map link and coordinates of your current position. The map is steadily updated in real time as long as your WTF is active.

A safety tool that actually works in emergencies

Todays self defense methods, like pepper spray or a smartphone app, often requires the person in an emergency to either point the spray can in the right direction, or having your Smartphone ready to press in your hand. In a pressed situation, we don´t think that´s a good way to defend yourself.
What could be easier than a pull on your necklace?



BLE is a smart way for your Smartphone to talk to other devices. With it´s low energy consumption BLE creates a perfect bridge between your WTF pendant and Smartphone, enabling long connection interval with long battery life.


Pick contacts to notify, or send your alert to trusted members in the WTF community.



Your WTF Premium Edition connects with your iPhone and sends instant notifications about your position.