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The project

In the spring of 2014 we started an interesting project with SISP (Swedish Incubators and Science Parks).

SISP´s 65 members inhabits close to 80 innovation enviroments across Sweden, which together contains over 5000 companies with aprox 72.000 employees.

SISP uses a lot of methods and processes that needed touch up´s for their perceptions, not everyone knows what a incubator really does for individuals and companies.

The project started with boiling down their processes and resulted in a set of beautiful icons for their different stages and tools. Here´s some examples:




 Sisp - Inkubator_Science-Park

 Science Parks

A science park can be described as a meeting place between people, ideas, knowledge and creativity and is often a platform for greater innovation and development projects.

 Business incubators

The incubator provides entrepreneurs with active and appropriate management support, financial, technical and commercial networks, and creative growth environment with associated office services.

 Sisp - Inkubator_Inkubator


 Sisp - Inkubator_Innovatinsfacilitering

 Sisp - Inkubator_Internationalisering

 Sisp - Inkubator_Regionala-styrkeområden

 Sisp - Inkubator_Kompetens