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    These guys live to make your event truly memorable and leave a online trail of fun. By combining interactive equipment and your brand, they´ll make you stand out from the crowd.

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Events – a place where people meet.



A place where memories are created.




A place to share those memories with others.


Instagram printer

A new take on social events. Take a photo, publish on Instagram with your selected #hashtag and boom!
Your pic is instantly printed from Eventomatics Instagram printer. Cool, right?


 fota_iconYour guest snaps an image during your event.


 tagga_iconYour guest tags and uploads their image to social networks.

 printa_iconThe tagged photo is automatically printed from the Eventomatic Instagram printer.

Pantone 298 C

Pantone 298 C

C64 M10 Y1 K0 R56 G181 B230 #38b5e6

Pantone 2395 C

Pantone 2395 C

C21 M97 Y0 K0 R208 G0 B158 #d0009e

Pantone 1365 C

Pantone 1365 C

C0 M34 Y80 K0 R255 G181 B69 #ffb545